SEMINAR SEPTEMBER 26 | Practicing Care

water-logged still image
What is it to practice care, not take care or give care, but establish a respectful relationship with matter, earthly matter, vibrant matter, material stuff? How might one extended to materials the care, the empathy, that humans strive to grant each other without lapsing into appropriation, judgement, servitude, indenture, condescending gestures?

The lecture Practicing Care introduces three recent site-responsive durational performance works that inquire into the nuances of this issue: IN COLD HEAT (2016), water-logged (2016) and bit-u-men-at-work (2015). The art works are informed by feminist philosophy, new materialism and literature on the subject of vitalism.

Julieanna Preston is a Professor of Spatial Practice at The College of Creative Arts, Massey University, New Zealand. Her scholarly and creative practice operates across art, architecture, design and performance writing and draws from feminist philosophy, new materialism and discourse on vitalism. See her website for details and examples of her work.